I have, for as long as I can remember, had an affinity with numbers, geometry and coding. This led to a deep interest in computers from the 486 and then to a career in programming. I’ve continually found myself landing in leadership, naturally taking on the role of bringing people together for a common goal.

I have worked as CTO of a media agency in South Africa, growing the team from 2 to 20 and worked as Special Projects Lead for an encrypted communications startup. Most recently I helped Visa Europe deliver pilots in to production - the first time ever - during a two year consulting journey there.

I am also the recipient of the Exceptional Talent Visa, a points based visa limited to 100 applicants per year (when I applied).

With a growing love for finance, and the leverage available to software companies in the finance world, I started developing a core banking system. This product got commercial interest, I got seed funding and then started growing a team. BVNK continues to punch above its weight, and will become the leading core banking system provider in years to come.

I am ambitious and have the ability to rally people together, bring out the best in a team and individuals, and keep pushing no matter the obstacle. I have been described as having a “reality distortion field” by those who know me.

I am currently residing in London and loving it. The opportunities available here and the proximity to Europe and the Middle East make it a fantastic base. I also absolutely love Switzerland - the people, culture and country - and am enjoying increased travel there as the years progress.

For code, jump to my GitHub profile. For professional information, jump to LinkedIn.

If you would like to get in touch, send a mail over to kyle AT ksred.me