Weekly update: 31 May 2016

Once again, I am back to the weekly updates. Getting into a routine really helps with everything, and being settled adds to the routine. All men by nature desire knowledge Security I’ve fallen back in love with security. My involvement in the security industry through my formal employment has been great, but has not touched on the security aspects I’ve loved for years. Over the past week, I decided to set up a VPN to a server I have to make sure communication is secure. »

Monthly update: 22 May 2016

It’s been a long while since I’ve last posted anything. This has been due mainly to me moving countries, so is at least more understandable. Since the last update, a number of things have happened with the largest and most interesting having to do with moving countries (and everything associated with that), banking discoveries, banking interest, and settling down. Moving countries By far the most time and energy consuming exercise has been moving countries. »

Weekly update: 18 April 2016

I missed last week’s update so this will be a double entry. Banking Project I made good progress on some of the technical issues on the banking project. This was mainly in the following: Shared database connection throughout the app Using decimals instead of float64 Writing benchmarks Hooking into Travis for continuous integration You can read more in this post. Additionally, I rewrote the entire mobile application using React Native. The development experience was awesome, and I managed to have a fully functional application in ~15 hours. »

Weekly update: 4 April 2016

The last week was largely spent travelling and adjusting to another time zone. Some good work has been done on the banking project and a path laid. Banking Project I’ve decided to take a small step back and draw up an ideal architecture for the bank. Over the weekend I drew up exactly what I would like the bank to do in the first two years. This functionality included: Machine learning Artificial intelligence Regulatory adherence Peer to peer lending The architecture of the platform should support all of the above. »

Weekly update: 28 March 2016

This past week has been more eventful than others. A lot of amazing opportunity has been opened up, and big progress made towards some overarching goals. South Africa I am coming back to South Africa this week. It’s been three or so months since I’ve been home, and I’m looking forward to seeing friends and family. The work this side has been amazing, so I am looking forward to keeping on the same track while I am down there. »